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Reminders to do the things you should…

Sometimes it is hard to do the little things that help you the most.  Writing for my business is one of those things…  I’m sure that explains the slow and sporadic posting schedule I maintain here.  Sorry about that…  I will do my best to post more often!

This article really inspired me today.  I started a new press release on the topic of getting my new workroom up to speed!  The plan will be to find the rewarding part of writing and make time each week for it.  I hope this article will help you if you need the nudge as well!

Finding Motivation on Important But Non-Urgent Tasks


Reminders to do the things you should…


Hi there, do you like textiles or finely upholstered furniture? Would you like to learn more about either?! What is that…a resounding Yes?  

Well peep around my blog for a bit then head over to my website  

 I dye fabric based on 9 resist techniques from the people of Western Nigeria, the Yoruba. I spend the other half of my time creating interior design fabrications. Upholstery, cushions, drapery and custom pieces.

All of which I teach at our studio. Workshops, courses and private lessons.